Why Choose Geelbek Elite

We breed functional merino that keeps up with economic trends in its ability to rear more lambs, increase carcass mass and still produce top fine to medium wool with good
staple length and high clean yields.

Geelbek Elite has always endeavoured to provide their clients with exceptional quality rams and outstanding after sale service and advice. The longevity of the production sale (over 60 sales to date) is testament to this and the progeny of the rams are strong contributors to the national flock development (including Lesotho) of the Merino sheep.

Clients return year after year to secure the ‘value for money’ rams and the consistent breeding outcome that Geelbek Elite is renowned for. Geelbek Elite have recently moved the production sale to the Middelburg Golf Club to provide a more convenient and travel friendly location for clients.

Why Us?

Over 90 years of genetics
In purchasing sheep bred by Geelbek Elite, clients are ensured of genetic traits which have been cemented through time by breeding type to type.

Geelbek Elite rams produce offspring that are almost identical aesthetically as well as genetically, encompassing the ideal characteristics for both mutton and wool production. This is evident in the results of progency tests which are widely used in the industry.

Geelbek Elite sheep are highly adaptable to their feeding plane – in spite of the fact that they have been naturally selected on a low feeding plane. If placed on a high feeding plane these sheep will continue to thrive producing more wool and higher lambing percentages.

Veld reared
The contribution of the Geelbek Elite breeders has been immense in selecting for and establishing the right type of sheep to produce optimally in any natural environment. This characteristic has proved especially beneficial in times drought when the resilience of the rams, ewes and lambs is most tested.

Ongoing refinement
The process is ongoing and the breeders continue to select for and refine ideal traits for economic and environmental success to ensure
the sustainability of the ideal dual purpose Geelbek merino

  • No growth stimulants used
  • Adaptable (robust and hardy)
  • Fertile, Virile (mate 50 ewes to a ram comfortably)
  • High pre-potency and excellent conformation
  • Very fertile
  • Above average mother instinct
  • Enough milk to rear lamb and produce good fleece of wool
  • Early maturing offspring
  • Adaptable and hardy
  • Survival of fittest during lambing in the veld – no pampering
  • Plenty of twin lambs naturally
  • Lambs marketed from ewe
  • Wool
  • Clean yield averages of 74% with even oil flow
  • Comfort factors of 99.8%
  • Good colour and excellent quality
  • Average micron between 19 and 20.5 for last clip
  • Spinners choice
  • High carcass quality and weight production
  • Free range
  • No growth stimulants
  • Marbled fat and meat ratio
  • Feedlot friendly
  • Own unique flavour and taste
  • Tender and succulent